Tremenheere Art Gallery

Our Flagship installation of 2017 is the much coveted Tremenheere Art Gallery in Gulval, Penzance, Cornwall. A dedicated Gallery Space with different monthly Art Shows and a high turnover of Lighting changes were a perfect fit for a Control4 Lighting solution. Multi-Room Audio, CCTV and WiFi/ Networking Solutions were also integrated into the Control4 Solution giving an easy to use system from just one screen.

A smart control solution that allowed the Art Curators to walk around the building setting light levels for individual artwork with ease was needed. Scenes are easily created and recalled via a dedicated Control4 wireless Tablet or wall switches in the office area. 

Security is a high priority in such a Commercial building so IP CCTV Cameras were installed throughout the building and are all viewable from the dedicated wireless Tablets. Advanced alarm triggers have been created that will switch on lights and email still pictures if the Security or Fire Alarm Systems are activated. All relevant staff have access to live streams of the CCTV cameras from their smartphones anywhere in the world. 


A detailed planning stage allows the clients to view the different lighting options and layouts while enabling the onsite engineers and programmers to perform their respective jobs quickly and efficiently. 


The Lighting for the complete building is configurable in many ways allowing the curators to create scenes that are easily recalled each morning for the relevant shows.