KNX Partner


We are proud to say after years of working with KNX, that we have now gained official KNX Partner Status.

'KNX' is the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.

KNX is not a single manufacturer but an official Standard.

  • European CENELEC EN 50090.
  • World Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-1 to 7.
  • US Standard ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010
  • Chinese Standard GB/T 20965.

Over 400 of the worlds largest Electronic Companies manufacture Solutions for KNX that cover Lighting, Heating, HVAC, Security, Door Access, Audio/ Visual, Motor Control, Energy Monitoring and more, which all work seamlessly with each other.

KNX is a decentralised intelligence, meaning no one point of failure will cause the system to fail, something no other Smart Building Control System can claim. 

KNX is a dream solution for Specifiers, Architects or Interior Designers. A huge selection of choices for not only Domestic but also Commercial and Heavy Industrial installations are available.

Have a look at some of these manufacturers solutions for your next project:

Please Contact Us if KNX is to feature in your next project.