We are A napit member...

NAPIT is a governing body which makes sure its contractors abide by the European Standards for electrical work and electrical safety including and above 'Part P'. NAPIT inspect work done by their contractors on a random basis, ensuring work is kept to the legal standards.

Most Electrical work carried out is 'Notifiable' to the Local Building Authority Control. As a member of NAPIT all notifiable work will be registered by us, leaving you with one less headache.

As a client you should be aware of this and also be in receipt of test certificates for any electrical work you have carried out.

As a client of Intelligent Installations you will receive test certificates for all work carried out by us which will help with insurances, future sale and peace of mind.

For safety, legality and peace of mind you should make sure your electricians are part of a governing body such as NAPIT. Other such governing bodies like the 'NICEIC' and 'ECA' are also available.