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News… Media Room Design Completed


media room design…

The Design Team at Intelligent Installations have completed the latest Media Room specification/ layout and the client is delighted with it, not only from a Technical but also from an Interior Design perspective.

The Media Room will include among others, a 65” OLED Television, Sky Q, Roku Player, Apple TV, Plex Media Server, 5.1 Surround Speakers and a Control4 system to make it extremely easy to use from a dedicated remote control and Touch Screen.

The Front Left, Centre & Right Speakers will be THX Certified KEF Speakers, while the Surround Left & Right Speakers will be ‘Plaster-In/ Invisible’ Amina Speakers. Amina Plaster In Speakers were chosen as the room is large and surround speakers would have looked out of place in this setting. The Design & Layout meets Dolby guidelines and is engineered to give a truly immersive viewing experience for the homeowners, whether watching TV, Sports or Movies.

To further enhance the look and feel of the space, hidden LED Mood Lighting has been included to soften the shelves, floating cabinets and dark spaces in the vaulted ceiling. The Lighting will activate when the TV is switched on, when movie mode is selected on the remote, most of the lighting will dim down completely leaving only the TV Surround lighting active to give focus to the screen and create the correct atmosphere for watching films.

This is part of a larger project that will include Multi-Room Audio, Door Access, CCTV and Security Alarm Systems all seamlessly tied together with a Control4 Smart Home System.

If you have a project that would benefit from any of the above systems then please Contact Us.