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Media Room - Control4 Solution

A Media Room Solution to enhance your favourite relaxing space.

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When the client contacted us to talk about upgrading their Bang & Olufsen TV, we were more than happy to inform them of the current solutions available to them, not only technically but also aesthetically.

Modern day 'Media Rooms' are a marriage of 'Smart Home Audio Visual Solutions' along with 'Contemporary Interior Design Principles' that result in technically and visually enjoyable spaces. 

A feature wall was suggested to flush mount the new TV, Sound Bar and AV Equipment along with subtle and hidden RGBW LED Lighting behind the TV, on the Oak Shelf and above the Wall.

The client was also interested in the ever expanding choice of Audio Visual sources now available for the Media Room but were clear in their concerns that they wanted an easy to operate system, therefore, a Control4 Smart Home System was chosen. 

All of the Audio & Visual sources are viewable on the Panasonic 4K HDR TV and Triad LCR Sound Bar using a Control4 Smart Home solution. There is a dedicated Control4 Remote Control, as well as full control using the clients Smart Phones and Tablets giving very easy and intuitive access and control of everything from TV & Music to Heating from anywhere in the world.

Audio/ Visual Sources include:

  • Satelite TV, Roku Media Player for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Catchup Services.
  • Denon HEOS Player for Music, Tidal, Spotify and TuneIn DAB Radio.
  • Heatmiser Heating Integration for a 5 zone Under Floor Heating System.

To really ensure the space is as easy to use as possible the RGBW LED Mood Lighting behind the TV, Shelf and above the Wall all come on to pre-set lighting levels when the system is used and slowly switch off when the 'Room Off' button on the remote is pressed. 

Intelligent Installations provided a complete Turnkey Solution for the client and carried out the installation while they were on holiday.

The end result is a much more aesthetically pleasing space with a complete Audio Visual System that is a dream to use for anyone visiting the property now or in the future.

The clients are so happy with the system they have already confirmed future upgrades and integration of a Merit LILIN UK CCTV System and a Satel Security Alarm System.

If you are thinking of upgrading your Audio Visual system or would like a complete Smart Home solution please Contact Us.

3D Render

To enable the client to visualise the design, a 3D Render was generated, once approved, the technical dimensions were carried out.

Technical Drawings

The following drawings were given to the build team to ensure all works were carried out in a timely manner while ensuring the technical design would work.