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Intelligent Installations are Certified KNX Partners, providing the worlds best Smart Solutions for your next project. View our Membership Here - KNX Partner.

'KNX' is the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control. Simply put KNX is the most versatile & robust Smart Building Solution with over 400 manufacturers creating beautiful, reliable and capable equipment. 

If you are considering a Smart Solution for your Home, Office or Factory, KNX has the solution you need.

KNX is not a single manufacturer but an official Standard.

  • European CENELEC EN 50090.

  • World Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-1 to 7.

  • US Standard ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010

  • Chinese Standard GB/T 20965.

Over 400 of the worlds largest Electronic Companies manufacture Solutions for KNX that cover Lighting, Heating, HVAC, Security, Door Access, Audio/ Visual, Motor Control, Energy Monitoring and more, which all work seamlessly with each other.

KNX is a decentralised intelligence, meaning no one point of failure will cause the system to fail, something no other Smart Building Control System can claim. 

KNX is a dream solution for Specifiers, Architects or Interior Designers. A huge selection of choices for not only Domestic but also Commercial and Heavy Industrial installations are available.

Have a look at some of these manufacturers solutions for your next project:

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