RTi Dealer and Installer

RTI Smart Control Solutions...

Intelligent Installations is an approved RTI Dealer and Installer giving our clients that 'next level' of customisation for their Smart Properties.

Equally suited to Domestic or Commercial solutions, RTI has vast capabilities for total Smart Control of Lighting, Heating and Audio Visual sources among others. 

RTI allows us as an integrator, to give our clients truly customised graphical interfaces on their touch screens, enabling only the features they require while allowing them a deeper level of control over all of the technology in their home or business.

If your business would like their branding across their control devices or have a specific set of controls that need to be viewable from a single page, then RTI is the answer you have been looking for. 

RTI integrates extremely well with KNX, allowing a very powerful system to be created to control all aspects of your home or business.

Please Contact Us if RTI is to feature in your next project.