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Cinema/ Media Room Design...


Intelligent Installations offer an end to end Design & Installation Service for Dedicated Cinema Rooms or multi-purpose Media Rooms. All of our designs meet Industry Standard Layouts and Specifications and we are accredited by CEDIA for our design services.

A Cinema Room designed and installed by Intelligent Installations will perform superbly, ensuring it will be one of the most used and loved rooms in your property for Films, TV and gaming.

All of our designs utilise the latest in Screen, Projector & TV technology and can deliver visual sources up to 4K Resolution and Surround Sound up to the newest Dolby Atmos and DTS-X standards giving you a 3D surround experience.

If you would like to take the installation to the next level we can integrate not only the Cinema Room Equipment, but also the Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning into an easy to use RTi or Control4 Automation System that makes everything easy to operate using a dedicated Touch Screen, iPad or iPhone.

CAD Designs...

The following CAD designs are what you can expect from the Intelligent Installations Design Team. Plan, Elevation and 3D drawings will be provided for your building contractor to work from. Details such as the correct wall construction to house recessed Speakers, TVs and Screens will be provided along with Wiring Schematics and Schedules for your Electrical Contractor to wire from. If you would like a single point solution then Intelligent Installations can provide this using our in house installation engineering team. Please Contact Us for all your Cinema and Media Room requirements.